Counseling & Decision Making

  • Comprehensive counseling enables the student to choose the appropriate specializations & universities that suit to his/her career objectives and on the basis of possibility of admission


  • Guiding qualified students to explore various possible scholarship opportunities

Document Preparation & Admission

  • Providing expert guidance in the preparation of application package

Pre-requisite Exams

  • Guiding students to attend pre-requisite examinations before the stipulated deadline

Pre-Visa Counseling & Documentation

  • Assistance in the preparation of visa documents in accordance with the latest rules of respective consulate or Embassy

Exposure to Details of the Programme

  • Guiding the students to gain exposure to the contents of the programme and the prerequisite knowledge needed


  • Guiding the students to develop interactions with Alumni wherever possible

Foreign Language

  • Guiding the students to learn basics of language of the respective country and organizing teachers from respective country to offer language classes if sufficient number of students is gathered

Accommodation & Travel

  • Support in launching housing application

Culture Understanding & Adaptation

  • Creating awareness on climatic conditions, cultural differences to help student to get accustomed to the new environment quickly

Check-list of Materials

  • Providing students with a check list of materials to be carried keeping in mind the climate, culture and cost.