Benefits of Studying in France for Indian Students

20 June 2023
Masters in France

France is renowned for its magnificent architecture, lovely towns, cuisine, architecture, tourist attractions, and the best universities in the world. Thousands of Indian students are drawn to this developed nation's worldwide education system, including business and fashion programs. It is more profitable because it is more accessible.

France has become a well-liked choice for overseas students seeking an education. In a 2013 poll, nine out of ten international students regarded France as having some of the greatest educational facilities. They also think France has one of the world's top school institutions. Paris was chosen as the top city for students in 2014. A lot of students opt for Masters in France.

Why study in France?

1. Requirements to study in France for Indian Students

  • The minimum age requirement for students is 18.
  • Students may be eligible for a short-stay visa if they enroll in a training program that lasts less than three months.
  • If a student's training program lasts more than three or six months, they will be granted a provisional long-stay visa.
  • If a student's education or course lasts more than six months, they will need to apply for a long-stay visa equivalent to a residency permit.
  • Students going for Master programs will be given 2 years stay-back visa in France.
  • After completion of Masters degree students also can avail the option of applying for a 5-year Business Visa in case they plan to launch their own company or start up.

2. Affordable and Quality Education

For the best education in business, aviation, tourism, engineering, and other fields, go to France. The world's best educational institutions are located there. The tuition costs for English courses at French universities are very reasonable compared to those in English-speaking countries like USA, UK, and Australia. A list of institutions that provide quality education at affordable costs to visitors to France.

  • EMLV
  • Paris School of Business
  • Burgundy School of Business
  • Unilasalle
  • IMT Atlantique
  • IMT Mines Ales
  • INP Toulouse

Part-time Jobs in France

Sixty percent of France's standard working hours, or 964 hours, are permitted for international students in France with student visas.

House rent subsidy for international students in France

International Students can get 30% - 40% house rent refund in France. To avail this students need to register with the Local CAF (Caisse des Allocations Familiales) office and complete the procedures.

3. Different Variety of Courses

No matter what kind of career you are interested in, France excels in so many different fields that earning a degree is simple.

France is a trendy country for teaching engineering, business, nuclear, space, and aviation. Many people enroll in French institutions because of the technologies they provide. France is the country of choice for business and management courses because they are frequently taught at a higher level than in many other European nations.

Science is yet another fantastic subject to study in France. Now, you must be ready and committed if you decide to pursue a science course in the nation.

Free Education in Europe

4. Easy Visa Process

Application for a Study Visa for France for 18 or older is effortless. The following requirements must be fulfilled:

  • Two passport-size photographs.
  • A current passport and documents of any previous visas are required.
  • Official University of France letter of acceptance or enrolment.
  • Proof of tuition fee paid to the university.
  • Evidence of financial resources sufficient to meet all study-related costs.
  • Flight booking or ticket that includes the departure date.
  • The annual cost of medical insurance can range from € 311 to € 714.
  • Documents describing the arrangements made for housing while you were studying in France.
  • You must have a French language proficiency certificate if you are enrolled in a course taught in that language.
  • The Student Visa Cost is nominal.

5. World-Class Universities

You can view the websites of all French colleges. You can learn a lot about a university by going to its website and seeing if it would suit your particular needs. And over 3,500 higher education facilities for masters in France exist, such as the following:

  • 77 public institutions that grant degrees across all academic fields and act as the main academic research hubs.
  • A parallel network of Grandes Ecoles offering specialized programs in science, economics, the arts, and other fields and awarding 5-year certificates equal to Masters degrees.
  • Architectural colleges.
  • More than 3,000 specialized institutions offer degrees in various fields, such as social work, hotel administration, culinary arts, and tourism.

Students who want to pursue higher education in France will discover that many financial alternatives are available to make attending college more manageable. Students who meet the eligibility requirements can apply for loans and grants.

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