Embark on an Abroad Journey: Politecnico Di Milano

20 June 2023
Study Abroad Consultant

At Politecnico di Milano, a famous university that provides unrivalled options for studying in Europe, begin an incredible educational experience. Politecnico di Milano is a beacon of academic achievement in Italy and worldwide because to its illustrious reputation and dedication to excellence. You will be immersed in a lively and dynamic study atmosphere as a student at this prestigious university, surrounded by a diverse community of academics from all over the world. The Politecnico di Milano offers the ideal environment to foster your intellectual curiosity and broaden your horizons, from state-of-the-art research facilities to world-class teachers. The Politecnico di Milano provides a wide variety of programmes designed to fulfil your academic goals, whether you want to pursue a career in engineering, design, architecture, or another discipline.

Distinctive Highlights of Politecnico Di Milano

The Politecnico di Milano is a prestigious public institution with a rich history dating back 150 years and is famous for its outstanding academic standards. As one of Europe's top 5 technical universities, it provides access to unmatched educational opportunities. Aspiring scholars flourish at Politecnico di Milano under the guidance of eminent faculty members in a diversified and cutting-edge learning environment. This university stands itself for being easily accessible, as it accepts overseas students without the need for the IELTS or TOEFL tests. Additionally, the annual tuition of 3.5 lakhs makes it a cost-effective option, guaranteeing high-quality education for all. Merit-based scholarships are offered to help deserving students succeed in their chosen industries and support exceptional people. There are countless opportunities at Politecnico di Milano.

Masters in France

Global Recognition Achieved

Politecnico di Milano has emerged as a beacon of intellectual quality, ranking among the QS top 50 universities in the world in the QS World Rankings 2024. Mechanical Engineering is ranked 7th, and Art & Design is ranked 8th, demonstrating the university's strength in a variety of topics. Notably, Architecture and Built Environment are ranked 10th, while Civil and Structural are ranked 12th. Furthermore, Politecnico Di Milano maintains a significant presence in Electrical & Electronic and Engineering & Technology, both of which are ranked #18. This outstanding accomplishment underscores the university's constant commitment to providing exceptional education and strengthens its global reputation as a leading institution.

Your Admission Partner - SNY Cosmos

SNY Cosmos is the Official Partner of Politecnico Di Milano in India and we partnered with the university over the past 10 years for student recruitment in India and has extensive experience in guiding students regarding the procedures for admission into Politecnico Di Milano. SNY Cosmos, the leading study abroad consultant, is dedicated to assisting Indian students in securing admission to major universities such as Politecnico di Milano on their journey to studying abroad in Europe. SNY Cosmos' extensive knowledge and personalised approach make them an excellent resource for students throughout the admissions and visa process.

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